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On December 18 master class “Healthy back” of Denis Kablukov was conducted

Master class of the Leading soloist of Bolshoi ballet Kristina Kretova

On November 28 the master class of the leading soloist of Bolshoi Ballet – Kristina Kretova took place! After the master class, a very hearty and warm creative meeting was conducted at the principal hall of the Ballet Center: Kristina [...]

Master class of the Leading soloist of Bolshoi ballet Kristina Kretova

It will be an interesting and insightful class, which we recommend to visit to all our students. Kristina performed at the scenes of Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, participated in a series of large festivals, [...]

New victories of the IBC’s students: Anastasia Zotova and Zlata Linova became laureates of the iii degree at the competition “Apprentice”

The International Ballet Center congratulates the students of Elena Kotyolkina: Anastasia Zotova and Zlata Linova with an excellent performance at the International choreographic festival-competition “Apprentice”. Our students became Laureates of the III degree. At the competition, Zlata performed a variation [...]

Holidays at the International Ballet Center

According to the Moscow Mayor’s order, the doors of the International Ballet Center will be closed from October 28 to November 7. The ballet classes are transferred to online space for a week, you will be able to dance in [...]

Happy teacher’s day!

International Ballet Center congratulates teachers on Teacher's Day! Thank you for your knowledge and experience you share with students and help them learn new things, grow spiritually and improve physically. Your care and kindness give students strength to go towards [...]

First victory in the new season!

Congratulations to our student Varvara Tikhomirova and her teacher Tatyana Slesarenko with an excellent performance at the international festival-competition "Big City Lights". Varvara performed a variation of The Fairies of Tenderness from the Sleeping Beauty ballet and became a Laureate [...]

September 1st

The International Ballet Center congratulates schoolchildren, students, teachers and parents on the start of the new academic year! We wish our charming prisoners of Terpsichore to move only forward with graceful ballet ease in their studies and ballet, so that [...]

Shooting of Sabrina’s clip “Primadonna”

The International Ballet Center filmed Sabrina's video "Primadonna" (Diva) with the participation of: Bolshoi Theater soloist Irina Semirechenskaya, ballerina of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater Adel Nazyrova, ballerina Anastasia Teplinskaya, ballerina Marina Okuneva, ballerina Darya Kremieta, ballerinas Alena Gladkova.

Ibc birthday

Today the International Ballet Center celebrates its birthday. Four years ago, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin opened one of the most beautiful ballet schools in Moscow. Over the years, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Evgenia Obraztsova, Diana Vishneva, Sergei Polunin, Lyudmila Konovalova, Irina Varfolomeeva, Denis [...]

Spring concert of the International Ballet Center

On May 29, the traditional spring concert of the International Ballet Center students was held at the ICFC under the leadership of Lyudmila Ryumina. It was attended by the smallest students of the IBC (3-4 years old), middle school students, [...]


Congratulations to our students and teacher Tatyana Slesarenko on winning the choreographic art festival-competition. The winners are: Eva Suvorova (4 years old), performing a variation of "Fairies"; Livia Sprogis (5 years old), Milana Komina (5 years old) and Varvara Tikhomirova [...]


Congratulations to our student Daria Baranova and teacher Victoria Nazarenko with a successful performance at the international festival-competition "Golden Section". Daria became a laureate of the II degree in the category Classical dance, performing a part of Doll from "Coppelia" [...]

Awarding the director of the ballet center

We are pleased to announce that on March 5, 2021 in the White Hall of the Moscow City Hall, our Director Elena Korotkova was awarded a diploma for her contribution to the development of choreographic art and many years of [...]


Congratulations to the young ballerina Anastasia Zotova and teacher Elena Kotelkina with an excellent performance at two International Festival-Competitions of Choreographic Art. Anastasia became the 1st degree Laureate in the competition "In the rhythm of dance 2020" and the 2nd [...]

Winter tale

Victoria Nazarenko, a teacher of the International Ballet Center, and a young ballerina, Arina Dementyeva, present a magical winter fairy tale to all students and friends of the school. Valida Hakobyan will play the piano.


The International Ballet Center congratulates Elena Korotkova with receiving a well-deserved gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin.

How to sew the ribbons to the points?

After months of hard training, an exciting moment comes for most of the students of the International Ballet Center when it's time to get up on pointe shoes or "on toes", as professional dancers say. Each ballerina prepares ballet shoes [...]

One day at the ballet center

Evgeniya obraztsova in the center of the ballet!

The Bolshoi Theater prima ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova visited the International Ballet Center.

Save ada! Ada’s dreams. Ballerina

Who can Ada become when she grows up? What will the girl's fate be if each of us is indifferent today? This short art video is a dream that we can play out all together! Baby Ada Keshishyants has a [...]

September 1st

International Ballet Center congratulates all students, parents, teachers with the beginning of the academic year!

Rules for visiting IBC

Dear visitors! Staying at the International Ballet Center is possible only with masks and gloves. Please note that for your safety and the safety of students, visiting the pavilion is possible only by prior agreement with the administrators in order [...]

Groups composition for the new academic year

The International Ballet Center continues enrollment in groups for the new academic year in directions: choreography classical dance rhythmic gymnastics ballet for adults acting skills The International Ballet Center constantly hosts master classes, lectures and concerts, where students perform together [...]

International dance day

International Ballet Center congratulates all artists and fans of great art on the International Dance Day!

Attention! Changes in the work mode.

Dear pupils! From 28 March to 12 April with the purpose of struggle with spreading of COVID-19 according to the decree of the President of Russia V.V. Putin from the emergency speech, International Ballet Center suspends its work and and [...]

Broadcast of the program “trio”, the tv channel “karusel” acquaints the children with the ballet.

The friend of the International Ballet Center and the soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Anastasiya Meskova told about all the special things of the dance to the young broadcaster Zhuzha. Then the ballet dancer gave to the heroine a master [...]

Exhibition of Galina Ulanova in Bakhrushin museum

The pupils of the International Ballet Center visited the exhibition “Ulanova”, which is presented in Bakhrushin Museum up to 17 May. The exhibition demonstrates the unique scenic costumes, theatrical accessories, rare photos and video. The legendary ballet dancer is shown [...]


The International Ballet Center congratulates the pupil Daria Gurianova and the tutor Tatyana Slesarenko on successful performance at the 4th  Moscow Choreographic Competition Festival «Sotsvetiye gathers the friends». In the nomination “classic dance” Daria became the Prize winner of II [...]

23 february and 8 march

Dear pupils, On 23 February and 8 March the International Ballet Center will be closed. The lessons will start just after the holidays on 24 February and 9 March. All the lessons will be under the schedule. Excellent holidays!

The world’s highest paying dancer performed at the gala concert in the kremlin.

The traditional Christmas Ballet Gala took place in the Kremlin Palace and was sold out, this time it was dedicated to the great Russian ballet dancer of the XX century Ekaterina Maksimova. 1 February is the birthday of Ekaterina Sergeevna, [...]


Attention! Important information!

From 30.12.2019 to 08.01.2020 The International Ballet Center will be on New Year holidays.  The lessons will start on 09.01.

A fairy tale comes to us!

The children’s laughs, splendid smiles, mischievous twinkle in the eyes and professional successes – here is a real magic and present for all the parents and tutors of the International Ballet Center. On the Christmas Eve on 25 December on [...]

New year concert. Children’s new year party

On 25 December a festive concert of the pupils of the International Ballet Center “New Year Concert. Children’s New Year Party” will take place. The young ballet dancers prepared an unforgettable New Year fairy tale especially for the guests. We [...]

Christmas ballet-gala

On 17 December a grandiose festive concert Christmas ballet-gala took place on one of the most prestigious Moscow scenes – in Kremlin, which gathered all the world ballet stars. The celebration was consecrated to the great Russian ballet dancer Ekaterina [...]

Open lesson in the International Ballet Center

On Saturday, December 8, this year’s first open lesson was held at the International Ballet Center. Elena Kaburneeva's group “Ballet for Adults” showed the public a concert class, which was attended by relatives, friends and admirers of high art. This [...]

Dance and art knyajestvo

Lessons on Mondays at 11.00 at 12.00 Instructor Daria Vorokhobko. To whom: for everyone who is 14 and older, it is useful for professional dancers, ballet dancers, i.e. the persons of which the body permanently suffers the overloads and for [...]

International choreographic festival and competition of the children’s and youth’s creative work “podmasteriye”

On 8 December the International Choreographic Festival and Competition “Podmasteriye” will be conducted in Moscow. The International Ballet Center will present its young pupils in the Classic Dance nomination: — Anastasiya Zotova ”Variation of Fairy Kroshka”; — Taisiya Agishevskaya “Variation [...]

The world ballet stars will perform in moscow on the threshold of the new year

Festive program “Christmas Ballet Gale” will be dedicated to the distinguish Russian ballet dancer Ekaterina Maksimova On 17 December a festive concert “Christmas Ballet Gala” will be conducted on the scene of the State Kremlin Palace supported by the International [...]

The international ballet center congratulates all the tutors with a teacher’s day!

We thank you for the knowledge, which helps to the pupils to grow, top perfect themselves and to go towards to their dream. Your patience, care and kindness will always remain as a warm souvenir in the children’s hearts. We [...]

New groups are opened at the international ballet center!

Beginning from October the following groups begin to work at the International Ballet Center: In rhythmic gymnastics In acting technique You may register into the groups and to find more information at the phones: +7(985)143-11-55; +7(985) 138-84-25.

Dreams of the sleeping

The star of the world ballet Diana Vishneva conducts the final rehearsals of the revolution show “Dreams of the Sleeping Beauty” at the International Ballet Center. The innovative production of Edvard Klug represents a synthesis of the digital art, modern [...]

From 1 September!

The International Ballet Center congratulates the pupils, parents and tutors on the beginning of the academic year! Create, enlarge the frontiers of the knowledge, turn to the new. We will help you to perfect yourself and to realize the most [...]

A way to the dream

The International Ballet Center invites the high art lovers to participate in the interesting educational project “A way to the dream” from 7 July to 20 July. An intensive educational program will be offered to the participants by the high-class [...]

We congratulate Аnna Kirillova!

We congratulate our talented pupil Anna Kirillova as she got the second place in the classic dance nomination at the International Festival – Competition “Around the world” of the National Theater Modena, which took place from 28 to 30 June [...]


On 17 December one of the brightest events in the ballet world will take place on the scene of the State Kremlin Palace – Christmas Ballet Gala. The Christmas concert offers every year to the ballet lovers an unbelievable chorographic [...]

Reporting concert 02.06.19

A way to the dream

On 2 June a reporting concert of the International Ballet Center took place and received a symbolic name “A way to the dream”. The students of all ages appeared on the stage. Apart from the solo performances the students showed [...]

Miracle of technology with Sergei Malozemov

Sleeping beauty. Global ballet hollidays

Together with the professional artists the students of the Ballet School “Armida”, Dance School CollettivoTaglioni and the International Ballet Center will enter on the scene. The first day of the Festival Global ballet holidays will be consecrated to Pyotr Tchaikovsky. [...]

Global Ballet Holidays Festival opens at VDNKh


Global ballet holidays festival will take place at VDNKH

From 31 May to 2 June Global ballet holidays Festival will take place at VDNKh. 31 MAY, 15:30 The third act of the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” of P.I. Tchaikovsky performed by the ballet of the school CollettivoTaglioni and the International [...]

Global ballet holidays will come to moscow

The Festival Global ballet holidays will start this week already. Global ballet holidays will come to everybody and will enable to touch the magic world of the dance in all its forms. The appraisers and the followers will be able [...]

Timetable of full-dress rehearsals

Full-dress rehearsals. Beginning at 17:30. IN COSTUMES 29 May (Wednesday) 30 May (Thursday) GROUP APPEARANCE AT 17:00 1. Gubareva O. P. (6-7 years) 2. Gubareva O. P. (8-11 years) 3. Kaburneeva E.O. (2.5-3 years) 4. Kaburneeva E.O. (5-6 years) 5. [...]

Terpsichore’s dancing party

On 13 May the International Ballet Center celebrated the birthday of Elena Kaburneeva – a founder of the school, a tutor, a wonderful creator and amateur of the high art. The students and the invited ballet dancers organized in the [...]

А. Meskova for cinema in details

An extract from the program “Cinema in details” with Fyodor Bondarchuk in which the soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Anastasiya Meskova told about shooting in the film “The White Crow” of Ralph Fiennes. The shooting took place at the International [...]

“A way to your dream” from the IBC

On 2 June, the summer reporting concert of the International Ballet Center students will take place on the scene of Lyudmila Ryumina Theatre. The groups of all ages will demonstrate a hard-driving and varied program, prepared together with the reputable [...]

Principal event of the year

In the beginning of the summer a unique festival - Global Ballet Holidays will take place at VDNKh, the stars of the world ballet scene will participate there. 1 June 19:00 The People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Tsiskaridze will conduct [...]

Open lessons at the IBC

Schedule of the open lessons: Date/full name Gubareva O.P. Slesarenko T.A. Kotelkina E.V. Nazarenko V.S. Kaburneeva E.O. 29 April 16.30 – 18.00 5-8 years 18.00-19.30 8-11 years 21 May 17.15 – 18.00 2.5-4 years 18.00 - 18.45 4 years 19.00 [...]

Summer intensive course of the IBC

From 31 July to 12 August, the International Ballet Center invites your children to have a rest at the summer camp on the cost of the Black Sea. For the first time, the teachers of the Moscow State Academy of [...]

International festival “Magnifying glass”

We are looking forward to sharing with you the results of the V International Festival and Competition “MAGNIFYING GLASS”, in which the students of the International Ballet Center took part. Varvara Novichikhina and Elena Kochetova became diploma winners of 3rd [...]

Attention! Important information!

On March 8, 9 and 10, on holidays, the International Ballet Center will be closed.

International ballet center at VDNKh

The International Ballet Center at #VDNH is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric schools of classical dance in Russia. The center has created special programs for different age groups and fitness levels. In addition, inclusive programs for children and [...]

Foreign photographers about moscow: an exhibition opens in zaradye

Iranian photographer Nyusha Tavakolyan visited the International Ballet Center to speak about the architectural magnificence of Moscow to the guests of the capital. The works of the photographer can be seen in the Dome pavilion of Zaryadye Park at the [...]

Edgar Dega and “The motion of color”

Pupils of the International Ballet Center took part in the new project of the team of dreamers from, called “A Brief History of Long Life”. Each episode narrates the creative path of a famous artists. The first episode of [...]

December 22 “new year show. A Christmas performance”

On December 22, students of the International Ballet Center impressed the guests with a Christmas performance. The festive show took place on the big stage of the Moscow Drama Theater "Modern". The holiday began with the performance of young artists [...]

“New year’s concert. Christmas tree”

On December 22, the students of the International Ballet Center presented the guests with a “New Year's Concert. Christmas tree". The festive performance took place on the big stage of the Moscow Drama Theater "Modern". The celebration began with a [...]

New year’s concert. Christmas tree

On December 22 at 18:00 on the big stage of the Moscow Drama Theater "Modern" the students of the International Ballet Center will arrange a real holiday - "New Year's Concert. Christmas tree". Groups of all ages will show fabulous [...]

Class concert at the International Ballet Center

On Saturday, December 8, the first open lesson of this year was held at the International Ballet Center. Elena Kaburneeva's group "Ballet for Adults" demonstrated to the public a class-concert, which was attended by relatives, friends and admirers of high [...]

The master class of Lyudmila Konovalova at the International Ballet Center

On Sunday, November 25, a master class was held at our center by the Prima ballerina of the Vienna State Opera, Lyudmila Konovalova. Participants of different ages and level of training managed to get acquainted with secrets of ballet mastery. [...]

Workshop of lyudmila konovalova.

The International Ballet Centre provides a unique opportunity to attend a workshop of the Prima Ballerina of Vienna State Opera Lyudmila Konovalova. Lyudmila Konovalova graduated from Moscow State Academy of Choreography. She began her career as a soloist in the [...]

Ball of fairy tales. Holiday ballet-fairy play

On February 12-13, 2019, at the State Kremlin Palace, spectators will enjoy the “Ball of Fairy Tales” with the participation of the world ballet stars. “Ball of Fairy Tales” is a unique dance program, filigree performance of complex but vivid [...]

Thanksgiving letters


The International Ballet Center congratulates one of our talented students, the beautiful swan Varvara Novichikhina, with her successful performance in the festival competition “I Can”. We would also like to thank the wonderful teacher Elena Kotelkina for the staging of [...]

Jazz dance

Do you want to experience your body in a new way? Learn to express emotions in one bright, expressive movement? Try our new direction "Jazz Dance"! Jazz is an energetic and expressive dance. Classes can be started at any age. [...]

Diagram of parking organization on the territory of VDNKh

Dear residents! In order to ensure the safety of road users, optimize travel conditions and streamline parking on the territory of VDNKh, it is necessary to: — exclude parking of cars in the zones of action of prohibiting road signs [...]

Cycle of lectures ” BALLET SUMMER AT VDNKh”

On August 18 at 16:00 in the lecture hall of the "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" pavilion, artist, teacher, choreographer, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Yuri Vetrov will hold a lecture organized jointly with the International Ballet Center. The second lecture [...]

The Moscow Flower show opens at the Museon art park

On June 29, the grand opening of the international flower festival under the patronage of the Government of Moscow was held at the Museum Museum of Arts. The Honored Artist of Russia Valery Yaremenko hosted the show. Talented children performed [...]

International festival of gardens and flowers.

From June 29 to July 8, Muzeon Park of Arts will host one of the most beautiful events in Moscow - the International Festival of Gardens and Flowers. For a few days, a real theater of flowers will appear in [...]

Everybody! In the year of russian ballet!

We invite you to watch the RUSSIA channel 1 Saturday release of the talk show “Hello, Andrei!”. The show’s charismatic host, Andrei Malakhov, invited Nikolay Tsiskaridze as this week’s special guest. Nikolay will be joined by his charming students from [...]

Happy Birthday, International Ballet Center!

June 5 is a memorable day for the Centre. On this day, exactly a year ago, the school opened its doors to the public, and the first classes began in the fully renovated pavilion of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. [...]


Lecture on the art of dance. June 9 at 19:00 in the lecture hall of the "Worker and Collective Farm Woman" pavilion Free admission Lecture duration: 1.5 hours The lecture is delivered by Yuri Yuryevich Vetrov - Honored Artist of [...]

Congratulations to all teachers and employees of the IBC, trainers and their parents!

On May 20, a performance of students of the International Ballet Center was held on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”. The whole room was filled with smiles and the scent of flowers. All age groups showed their [...]

Demonstration lessons at the International Ballet Center

Demonstration lessons schedule Time Place Group Main content May 22, 17:00-18:30 Big ballet hall (STUDIO 1) Open Classical Dance Lesson (children 8-11 years old) Teacher Zimina A. Parents and everyone who wants to can see how the training is going [...]


In the summer of 2017, the song Despacito - Luis Fonsi (ft. Daddy Yankee) thundered from all speakers and hundreds of bloggers made their parodies and videos. We did not stand aside and decided to shoot a dance video with [...]

Radiation control protocol

Due to the fact that there are more frequent questions about the radiation background in Pavilion 62 (now the International Ballet Center), previously "Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes", where, according to a number of sources, an operating reactor was demonstrated, [...]

Interview with the head of the Ballet School

"VDNKh perfectly reflects my ideas about where to practice such a wonderful form of art as ballet." Pavilion 62 on Lipovaya Alley is a 1950s building with elements of antique architecture and a central cube made of tempered glass. Like [...]


Folk character dance

The International Ballet Center announces the enrollment to the folk-character dance group! Classes will start in February and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15:30 and 20:30. On classes, you can strengthen the muscles of the body, develop endurance [...]


Enrollment for yoga classes is open at the International Ballet Center! From February 1, yoga classes will be held at our Center. Regular exercise builds flexibility, strengthens the body, improves concentration, invigorates, and helps you lose weight.. Yoga class schedule: [...]

International Ballet Centre is lowering the prices for ballet classes for adults!

1 lesson - 1000 rub (earlier 1500 rub) Monthly subscription for 8 lessons (earlier 9500 rub) Monthly subscription for 12 lessons (earlier 14000 rub) Discounts for families with multiple children are also available.

Message of thanks from veterans of war

New year show

International Ballet Centre keeps creating festive mood. On 23rd of December International Ballet Centre became a fairy tale world full of surprises, magic and gifts. Our young students performed in a New Year’s show as a present for parents and [...]

Message of thanks from “Russian Silhouette”


On the 19th of December the State Kremlin Palace hosted a long-awaited new year event - Christmas Ballet Gala. This year the amazing show was lead by an honoured artist of Russian Federation, a star of international recognition, Ivan Vasilyev. [...]

Moscow restoration 2017

An official award ceremony for Moscow Restoration contest (commissioned by Moscow government) took place on 7th of December in Mossovet Theatre. This contest is carried out every year with increasing popularity among architects, renovators, builders and historians. The contest was [...]

“Russian silhouette” foundation presented…

The presented looks were created by masters of fashion and beginner designers alike. Russian show business stars changed clothes and tried out styles of different ballet stars. An extravagant calendar was thus created by Russian Silhouette Foundation. “Ballet is never [...]

Real future! The Phoenix Award

An official ceremony for Phoenix award took place on the 16th of November 2017 in Saint-Petersburg during International Culture Forum event. Russian Ministry of Culture and Agency for Use and Management of Cultural Heritage Sites in Russia distribute an honorary [...]


The staff and friends of International Ballet Centre proudly congratulate our CEO Elena Kaburneeva on graduating as Master of Business Administration (MBA)! You have proven with a personal example that professional knowledge has to accompany any labor, skill or talent. [...]

Letter of thanks

Draw a dream line!

Children’s Model Summit is taking place in International Ballet Centre from 18 to 24 of September. This is a real celebration for children! During this memorable week the young models will receive a unique opportunity to learn secrets of acting [...]

Congratulations on knowledge day!

Dance without limits! When dreams come true

The official opening of International Ballet Centre took place on the 5th of June 2017. The guests arrived in one of the most beautiful VDNH pavilions and were met by the Centre’s founder and CEO Elena Kaburneeva, as well as [...]

A bientôt!

1st of July has been a Welcome day for International Ballet Centre. More than 300 people have visited our Centre. Both children and their parents enjoyed the creative atmosphere, met the administration and the teaching staff. Welcome day featured interesting [...]

Welcome day! 1 July!

Dear friends! International Ballet Centre is hosting a Welcome day on the 1st of July. Multiple educational and entertaining events are waiting for you from 10 to 21! Our cafe, library, animators and guided tours around the Centre are active [...]


Denkmal 2016. Modern life of cultural monuments

From November 10 to 12, 2016 in Leipzig, an international exhibition on the restoration, preservation of monuments and rehabilitation of historical buildings, Denkmal, was held with the participation of creative, political figures and business representatives. As the most important business [...]


On December 16, 2016, on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, supported by the International Ballet Centre, the Christmas gala concert of the world ballet stars “Christmas Ballet Gala” will take place. The director-producer and artistic administrator of the [...]

Creative evening of Svetlana Zakharova

It was impossible to miss the creative evening of Svetlana Zakharova, who tells in some performances about the facets of Great Love. On the Historic Stage of the Bolshoi Theater, the Amore program included three one-act ballets: Francesca da Rimini [...]

May 23 Crocus City Hall held a Gala Concert legendary Maya.

The prima ballerina of Russian ballet Ulyana Lopatkina continued the series of evenings dedicated to the brilliant M.M. Plisetskaya. The International Ballet Center would like to express special gratitude to the Artistic Director of the program Irina Chistyakova for the [...]

For contribution to the culture of Russia

In early March 2016, Elena Olegovna Kaburneeva, General Director of the International Ballet Center, for her contribution to the development of culture and support of social projects, was awarded an honorary diploma signed by Marina Vladimirovna Sirota, Chairman of the [...]

Life after death. Ave Maya

On March 6, a gala concert in memory of the great Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya took place at the Colosseum Theater in London. This evening was conceived during the life of the "Russian swan", but became an epitaph. The artistic director [...]

The international ballet center held a joint action with the prefecture of north-east administrative district as a charity program in holding new year’s performances

From 4 to 10 January 2016, children from the State Budgetary Institution of the Center for Social Assistance "Dialogue" listened to a magical story about the Nutcracker, Marie and the mysterious magician Drosselmeyer, and then saw their favorite characters on [...]

New Year festivals at VDNKh are continued …

Why can't every day at New Year's be magical? Miracles continue at the amazing Nutcracker exhibition in pavilion 72 at VDNKh. Many children and their parents have already received their piece of Christmas happiness and sweet gifts, join us too! [...]


There are dozens of stage versions of the main New Year's ballet - "The Nutcracker" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and at VDNKh they will present the story of another unrealized performance. The new version was ordered to choreographer Yuri Vetrov in [...]

The Nutcracker Christmas Exhibition opening ceremony held on december 17

On December 17, the opening ceremony of the Nutcracker Christmas exhibition took place in Pavilion 71 on the territory of VDNKh. After a full-fledged trip into the world of fairy tales, conducted by professional teachers who could interest the playful [...]