Ballet school for children 8-15 years

Dancing can play an important part in balanced physical and psychological development of our children. It’s wise to consider classical ballet while choosing a suitable dance style for a child. No matter which style a child would choose in course of his or her personal creative development, classical dance will provide an excellent basis for any choreography.

Ballet school for children is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the magical world of dance, not mentioning multiple health benefits – such as correct posture, light walk and elegant silhouette, which makes any figure slim, upright and gracious. Choreography lessons can also aid in correcting various physical disadvantages: platypodia, lateral curvature and declining posture.

Classical ballet also helps our little students socialize in the big world. Not only do they learn to execute complex dancing moves, but also take part in concerts, ballet shows, group and solo dance items. Attending a ballet class develops communication skills, a sense of responsibility for self and peers. Students improve teamwork and develop their own creative potential. This unique environment is specially and carefully developed for effective physical and artistic development of children from eight to fifteen years. Our programmes are developed specifically for the following age groups:

  • 8-9 y.o.
  • 10-12 y.o.
  • 13-15 y.o.


  1. Classical dance
  2. Folk dance
  3. Stage practice